Lobbing Some Softballs


Chemistry is an essential component to a team’s success.

Without it, teams crumble in the most dire of times, succumbing to the pressures of a big game that requires much more than just plain talent.

In order to do well this season, Harvard coach Jenny Allard has ensured that the softball squad continues to foster a tight-knit community of support and encouragement.

She paired sophomore standout Rachel Brown, last year’s Ivy League Rookie of the Year, with rookie Jessica Ferri to provide guidance and advice.

Here are some things Brown shared with The Back Page a few weeks ago about Ferri and the friendship between the two talented pitchers.

Ferri’s addition:

“Jess is a great pitcher, and already she’s a great addition to the team. She really makes us a stronger pitching staff, especially because I think we complement each other very well. I’ll throw more up and rise pitches, while she’s more of a drop ball pitcher. She’s a very strong competitor and has a strong work ethic. With her on the team, it adds to the strength of our team.”

Ferri’s work ethic:

“She always wants to practice more. It’s awesome. Right now we’re practicing; well, during the fall, we would practice three to four times a week, and she wanted another one or two days to work out. Like I said earlier, she has a great work ethic, and she’s really hitting her stride, because we are going six days a week, and she’s working hard every practice.”

Ferri’s strengths:

“It’s not that she’s just a great pitcher, but she’s also very smart about it. She’s a competitor, so she’s very touch and fierce on the mound, but it’s really funny because she’s the sweetest girl off the field. She’ll go from pitching and being all serious and focused, and once she’s done pitching she’ll be giggling. She’s just really fun.”

Hanging out with Jess outside of practice:

“There’s a big Kappa contingency on the softball team. Jess is actually my little sister in Kappa, and Dana is my big sister, so it’s kind of a pitching dynasty (laughs). So it’s fun. We like hanging out together outside of the sport. It’s kind of funny. During the season we have either Mondays or Wednesdays off, and we miss each other on that day, so it’s fun when we come back together.”


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